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  1. Absolutely Live/01 - The Stripper.mp3715.82 KB
  2. Absolutely Live/02 - Tonight I'm Yours.mp39.87 MB
  3. Absolutely Live/03 - Sweet Little Rock and Roller.mp310.59 MB
  4. Absolutely Live/04 - Hot Legs.mp311.35 MB
  5. Absolutely Live/05 - Tonight's The Night [Gonna Be Alright].mp39.83 MB
  6. Absolutely Live/06 - The Great Pretender.mp39.06 MB
  7. Absolutely Live/07 - Passion.mp313.56 MB
  8. Absolutely Live/08 - She Won't Dance With Me _ Little Queenie.mp311.61 MB
  9. Absolutely Live/09 - You're In My Heart [The Final Acclaim].mp312.71 MB
  10. Absolutely Live/10 - Rock My Plimsoul.mp311.43 MB
  11. Absolutely Live/11 - Young Turks.mp312.56 MB
  12. Absolutely Live/12 - Guess I'll Always Love You.mp311.58 MB
  13. Absolutely Live/13 - Gasoline Alley.mp35.52 MB
  14. Absolutely Live/14 - Maggie May.mp312.05 MB
  15. Absolutely Live/15 - Tear It Up.mp38.11 MB
  16. Absolutely Live/16 - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy.mp314.75 MB
  17. Absolutely Live/17 - Sailing.mp311.04 MB
  18. Absolutely Live/18 - I Don't Want To Talk About It.mp310.79 MB
  19. Absolutely Live/19 - Stay With Me.mp312.78 MB
  20. Absolutely Live/20 - GI' Me Wings [Live - Forum 12_19_81].mp39.27 MB
  21. Absolutely Live/21 - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right [Live - Forum 12_19_81].mp314.03 MB
  22. Absolutely Live/22 - Tora, Tora, Tora (Out With The Boys) [Live - Forum 12_19_81].mp310.96 MB
  23. Absolutely Live/23 - You Wear It Well [Live - Forum 12_19_81].mp39.94 MB
  24. Absolutely Live/Front.jpg303.04 KB